Carding AT&T 2020

This short tutorials is on how to card at&t and get free phones , NB: the phones would be carrier locked and would require “chip” to work with other network providers. Keeping that in mind, lets get started.

at&t method
AT&T Method 2020

Visit AT&T website with matching state or city or zip sock of the ssn you’d be using , add one or two iPhones to cart, select payment by installment ( i.e monthly payments just like a postpaid account) and make sure the total due today charge is not too much to avoid “payment couldn’t be processed”.

 Put in ssn information to create the account but only use drop(your receiver) name, every other info e.g phone number, address, date of birth and ssn should be that of ssn, use any email you haven’t used for at&t before but make sure DOB of SSN are correct that’s what they look at when calculating Credit Score. Select instore pick up and checkout.

follow the steps below to get a valid ssn/fullz to create account on at&t


head to and Look for a recently sold house in any Zip code, copy the address and search on ,You’ll get the names of those who have stayed in the house, then run a background check on their names to make sure they don’t have any AT&T number in the past or present.

Search for their SSN on Robocheck if you find it, buy their ssn, if not buy any other ssn within the ages 40-50 years and of same zip as your drop (same zip must be on drop I. D) .

if date of birth of ssn you buy is different from the one on whitepages or truthfinder or instantcheckmate… you need to use the one from the background check that’s  whitepages or truthfinder or icm