How to Root Android – Everything You Need To Know

Rooting your Android device gives you unlimited possibilities to play with. However, it’s not something that phone developers want you to do. It could be very dangerous for your phone and can cause irreparable damage.

When a device is not rooted, you can’t do anything wrong – mainly because the system is made so that it doesn’t allow you to modify any crucial files. When you root it and get ultimate control over it, it can be dangerous because you have access to stuff that you were not meant to have access to.

If you know what are you doing, it can be very useful and interesting. However, if it’s your first time don’t rush, and pay a lot of attention at what you are doing. There are a few methods of rooting an Android device, and we’ll talk about it right now.


Whether you want to root your device with or without using a PC, you will still need some software. After you have done certain “preparations” for rooting your device, the software will do the rest.


Rooting a device opens up various possibilities

So, why different software? Basically, not every app supports every device. Or even the system version. Ones of the most popular apps are iRoot and KingoRoot for rooting by using a computer, and King Root and One Click Root App to root without using a computer.

If you are not sure how to root or which app to use, check out our guide about Best Android Root Software. It can help you a lot if you decide to root your software and all the steps are explained briefly and clearly.

How to Root Android TV

Besides being able to root mobile devices and tables, you can also root Android TV. That way, you can unlock Android TV’s full potential and, believe it or not, increase it’s RAM and actual performance.

Root Android TV to increase its performance

Rooting Android TV is basically very similar to rooting a mobile device. You can also do it with King Root and One Click Root App. However, don’t try to root by yourself, especially if you have never done that before.

We have explained everything clearly in our guide How to Rood Android TV Box. Be sure to check it out!

How to Root Android Without a Computer

If using a computer to root Android seems too difficult for you, you can also do it without a computer. It all depends on which software you use.

However, you will still need to do a preparation process in which you make your device be able to be rooted. You will need to enable USB debugging and fully charge your device. Also, you should enable Unknown Sources since some apps might need to be downloaded outside Play Store.

Go to Settings and check Unknown Sources

To be sure how to do it properly, check out Root Android Without Computer.

And of course, don’t forget to backup all the necessary files and documents.


If you are planning to root an Android smartphone that’s of the latest model, we strongly recommend reading our guides on how to root them. Latest handsets with the latest version of Android are typically unrootable but it doesn’t mean that these devices can’t be rooted. It will take some time before the apps and methods of rooting an Android phone include the latest versions of Android.

For now, if you have an old Android smartphone that you want to root, our wide variety of guides listed below might be able to help you.

Android Rooting Guides for Old Smartphones

If your device is not on this short list, check the methods from above. After all, you can use the Universal Android Root.

Benefits and Advantages of Rooting Android

You might be hesitant and thinking twice in rooting your Android smartphone, after all, you can potentially put irreparable damage to your device. Furthermore, rooting will void the warranty of your Android phone.

Rooting allows you to apply various modifications

Other than that, rooting can be very useful and beneficial if done properly. Not only it gives you ultimate control over the device, but it also allows you to install custom ROMs and Recoveries. Most of all, it can and will speed up your device.

If you’re still hesitant or thinking twice in rooting Android, then here are more reasons why you should root your Android device.


    Is it safe to use a rooted Android device?

  •         When you root a device, you will be able to use various features that you, as a user, were not supposed to. Therefore, if you are not cautious, you might end up deleting some important system files or doing other hazardous stuff to your device.

    Does a rooted device allow me to hack video games?

  •         In most cases, yes. Various game-hack apps require to have a rooted device before being able to use them.

    Should I root a device by myself or ask a professional to do it?

  •         Rooting a device can be a dangerous process if you have never done that before, or if you are not into the “developers” world. However, you can always follow our tutorial to root it safely.

Final Words on Rooting

If you have never rooted your device before, it should be all clear now. Basically, any method from above seems to be more or less simple. However, we strongly recommend you to watch out about what you are doing on a rooted device. You don’t want to cause irreparable damage.

Also, please note that rooting a device, in most cases, can affect your warranty. On the other hand, if you have some old device which you don’t use anymore, rooting might be quite funny and interesting.

Did you manage to root your device? Or maybe you prefer another method? Please let us know in the comments below…