How to Get a Confirmed USA Address/Drop

Sharing my method on how to get a USA Address/Drop to ship carding goods to, kindly follow the below steps to get this your carded goods to your preferred location.


Note : This Tutorial is only meant for Educational Purpose.  

we are going to use  Shipito has a USA Address/Drop  for our carding or imported needs so kindly read the below information to get started

Register an account on 

So if  you join on Shipito you would be given a USA address which is clearly a distribution center where you can shop your products to. On Shipito payment is done through bitcoin and wire transfer. The Shipito address can be used on all shopping sites

So I have created new job for the smart ones don’t be in my dm for drop and also asking me for money you can sell the paid address for $10 upwards to people looking at address for carding.